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  • It seemed to work okay for the most part. However, the right side extended into and was overlapped by the sidebar contents. I tried wrapping the shortcode with an HTML <div> and adding a right margin. But, that didn’t help at all.

    The author attempted to address the issue by suggesting a problem with in the theme. But, that’s not it. However, it could be incompatibility between the theme and this plugin. If so, the problem will likely occur with other themes. The author also inquired about tweaking attributes of the plugin’s shortcode, which I had not. If interested, you can read the details in the comments for this review.

    At first, I thought this plugin creates its own implementation of the “[embed]” shortcode. But, instead, according to the author, the plugin manipulates the functionality of the “[embed]” shortcode built into WordPress (the Core). I voiced a warning to the author about how doing this can turn South (go bad) in a hurry as future updates to WordPress Core functionality compounds. The bad part is that if the plugin breaks due to this, it would likely affect any site-wide content using the “[embed]” shortcode and not just implementations of this plugin.

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  • Plugin Author Pat Hawks


    It seems your theme does not correctly set the content width.

    Did you try setting the width manually through the [embed] tag?

    Thread Starter David Burkhart


    Thank you for attempting to address the issue. But, this is a review, not a request for support. Nevertheless…

    No, I have no problems with the theme’s content width (other than with this plugin). So, it could be an incompatibility issue, either with the theme or other plugins.

    And, no. I did not try setting the manual width of the shortcode. Shouldn’t it default to 100% of it’s container?

    I guess it’s too late for this suggestion. But, naming the shortcode less vaguely, as in [embed-pdf], would have reduced conflicts with other plugins. After all, does it embed anything else?

    Plugin Author Pat Hawks


    I’ll take a look at things to see if I can figure out what is going on with the width. Sorry it gave you so much trouble.

    As for the [embed] shortcode, this is part of the standard WordPress embed API. By hooking into this, the plugin automatically supports the standard method of setting height and width. That shortcode is not unique to this plugin.

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