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  • Hi,
    In the dashboard it recommends updating the theme however, there is a note warning from losing any customizations made to theme files ! Shall I go ahead or not? As am not sure what customization they mean.

    Appreciate your urgent reply.

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    My site health status recommends having a default theme as the site does not have it.
    I currently have Hello Elementor theme , can any one advise how to install default theme as well as its a recommended improvement to the site.


    Ian Sackofwits


    Hi, rawan2021, I am another Hello Elementor theme user.

    If you have not made a child theme yet and attempt to update the theme, your customizations could be lost when they are overridden i.e. your functions.php file will be overriden.

    Regarding a default theme, I would recommend installing one of the default themes such as Twenty Twenty.

    Thread Starter rawan2021


    Hi Ian,
    Thanks for your answer, as I didn’t get an answer since 3 weeks ago I went ahead and updated the theme as it was a requirement to update the PHP version of the site (which is an important update to be done).
    How would I know if there is any impact on the site as it’s not live yet and there is no activity on it till now to notice my problem.

    Also how to install the default theme you recommended?

    Thank you for your assistance.

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