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    Thanks for making wonderful plugin.
    But while I am using this plugin, I observed that it is showing very Blur Feature images and also image sizes were also very small (100×100).

    Will you please let me know how can we overcome from this issue

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Mat


    Hello @jkachhara ,

    Thank you for using Feedzy!

    This issue might be occurring due to a plugin conflict. So please deactivate all plugins and check if it resolves your issue and after that try activating the plugins one by one to find problematic plugin. Then replace it with an alternate plugin.

    To do it safely without losing any of your work, please take the following steps:
    Install and activate the Health Check plugin.
    1) Enable the TroubleShoot mode.
    2) Enable the Feedzy plugin and open the page.

    Does it resolve the issue? If yes, then there is some plugin conflict or configuration error that you can check by enabling theme/plugins one by one in the troubleshooting mode.

    Health Check allows troubleshooting without losing the current setup. The changes are done only temporarily until you turn off the troubleshooting mode. However, it is recommended to keep a backup.

    You might want to back your website up before doing this; if you don’t already have a backup plugin, then you can use this one: https://wporg.ibadboy.net/plugins/updraftplus/.

    Since it’s a new plugin, it most likely won’t cause any additional issues.

    Let us know if this solved your issue.

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