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    Several issues;

    1) Most imported posts import the featured image. However there are quite a few imported posts that don’t import the featured image, despite the rss feed source (rss.app) showing that a featured image has been extracted. Why is this?

    2) Of the imported posts that show a featured image, in Dashboard > All Posts, it says ‘Imported by Feedzy’. Of the imported posts that don’t extract a featured image, it does not say ‘Imported by Feedzy’.
    All of my posts are imported using the Feedzy plugin. So why are some posts stating ‘Imported by Feedzy’ and showing a featured image, but other posts are not stating ‘Imported by Feedzy’ and not extracting the featured image?

    3) Your documentation has a code to insert into a newly created plugin, which is supposed to prevent duplicated posts
    However this code does not work. I am getting several duplicated posts.

    4) Some posts are not importing from my rss feed (rss.app) despite the articles showing on the RSS feed itself. Why do some articles not import?

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    Hi @stephenparris82,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    #1. Kindly share the feed URL that you are using as well as the URL of the recent imported post that has no image.

    #2. Please provide a screenshot both imported posts where it says imported by Feedzy and those that does not have it.

    #3. Kindly provide the URL (2 or more) of duplicate imported posts.

    #4. We will need a screenshot of your import task, feed URL and specify which particular post is not importing.

    Let us know how it goes.

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