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    Hi Jetpack support.

    Once in a while we encounter an issue where a site is migrated to us, and statistics in Jetpack are lost.

    This is likely because the siteURL changes on migration, from site.com to site.com/wp

    I suspect that then reconnecting Jetpack then usually results in a blog ID change on your end.

    Is there a way to prevent this during migration, or a way to merge historical data in without contacting support and having it manually done?


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    Hi @kayleighthorpe

    This is indeed related to the Blog ID that changes when a URL is different before and after a migration, as Jetpack considers that new URL as a newly created site and assigns to it a new Blog ID.

    This also depends if the exact URL of the site that was changed (the one that users browse) or simply the subdirectory where WordPress is installed.

    If this specifically happening with sites where the URL is the same, you simply have to reconnect Jetpack-using the same WordPress.com account that was previously used with the old site.

    If the URL is changed, the site is automatically assigned a new Blog ID and there isn’t really a remedy to that yet, as there’s no possibility to manually merge data for now.

    I’d be happy if you clarified further, if you’re still having any confusion regarding this.


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    Hi there,

    It has been more than one week since we have heard from you, so I’m marking this topic as resolved.

    But if you have any further questions or need some more help, you’re welcome to reply here or open another thread.

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