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    If you’re using one of our free products, feel free to ask us anything on the forums. ThemeIsle has a great support team that is always ready to help you and all the members of our free community. Please remember that the forums should not be used for PRO features or products, for premium, personalized support, use this form: http://themeisle.com/contact/

    We came up with a set of guidelines on how to use our forums for submitting your requests.

    • Before creating a thread, make sure your issue has not already been posted recently, it is possible your issue was resolved already in another post, and that post might contain the resolution. Also, check our documentation, here are a few solutions to common issues: http://docs.themeisle.com/article/277-feedzy-rss-feeds-hooks
    • Describe your issue clearly and concisely in the title; this helps us categorize your problem accordingly.
    • When you’re describing your issue, please provide us with all the necessary details, so we can analyze the problem better: your operating system, your hosting, the error messages, what theme you are running, your version of WordPress, which browser you’re using, etc. Screenshots help as well, so post as many as you can. Please offer us as many details as you can because this way we’ll be able to start working on your issue right away.
    • If a post was marked as resolved, please don’t comment on it anymore. Create a new post and add a link to the resolved post on the new post if it is related to your issue.

    A few tips for avoiding redundant threads about basic topics:

    1. How do I add custom code to the plugin? First of all, we don’t recommend modifying the plugin’s files directly. The best approach is to create an addon plugin (please check this guide on how to do that -> https://bit.ly/38k15dT) and add your code through a WordPress filter. Here are some guides with the available solutions / filters / hooks available in Feedzy:

    2. Sometimes, the feeds that you want to use may not be valid or working as expected (e.g., images not being displayed). To make sure your feeds are valid you can:

    Extra Note: Images and videos can always be useful for us to understand your issue. For images, many tools can simplify the process; for example, ShareX lets you both capture and upload an image within seconds. If you saved the image manually, you can also simply upload it to https://imgur.com/upload and give us the link. For videos, you could a similar tool meant for it, such as loom (https://www.loom.com/), which allows you to capture and upload a video easily.

    Thanks for helping us and for choosing ThemeIsle.

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