• protesilao


    This plugin is really great but there are 3-4 basic feature that are missing:

    1) The images can not be categorized. This makes it possible to allow a user to filter images for the category that interests them, as already happens in many other plug-ins. Also we can not insert the short code on a page, choising the categories that we want to show: now if you want to show the same image on multiple pages or have to create another gallery with the same image or insert the entire gallery on the page. Instead if I would choose the category that I want to show on a page, I could avoid uploading the same image in different galleries.

    2) We can not give a title to the gallery that we create to easily recognize it.

    3)We can not upload images from WordPress media gallery.

    4) When we load an image there isen’t a loading progress indicator.


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  • Plugin Author Wasiliy Strecker / ContestGallery developer


    Hello protesilao,

    thank you for your feedback!

    This are really great propositions.

    2-4 are already on my prio list.
    2 is easy to do, will come soon.
    3 that would be definetly a great feature. It all begun with a custom development for own little project. So it was easier to install own logic especially for fontend-end upload. Its an absoutely future feature, but difficult to develop. Maybe the whole image upload and image displaying logic has to be changed for this.
    4. Wordking on this, will come out.

    1. <<< this is a really good point. It’s noticed and on my prio list.

    Best regards


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