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  • It’s not bad for a free theme. It has a number of built-in limitations which you must overcome with add-ons and plugins (by the same people?), which come with more limitations, which you then must overcome by paying a ransom. The experience reminded me of the Little Muck, a fairy tale by Wilhelm Hauff, otherwise it’s not bad. For a free theme that is “basic”. It’s usable. That matters. I would have given it five had they been just a little bit more generous with features.

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  • Moderator James Huff


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    Hi there, glad you like the theme! 🙂

    Just to clear up a few things:

    plugins (by the same people?)

    You might be referring to by Oliver Campion, who was not directly involved in the theme’s initial development. However, as an open-source theme, many volunteers have contributed to it since its release. Oliver in particular has contributed bug reports and fixes upstream, and is very active and very appreciated in the theme’s support forum.

    You’ll often find him offering help, customizations, and rolling popular feature requests into his plugin so folks don’t have to mess around with custom code.

    So, I suppose you could say that someone who has contributed bug fixes and support to the theme also offers a plugin to extend it, but it’s not like “the same people” who made the theme are requiring you to “pay a ransom” for more features.

    which come with more limitations, which you then must overcome by paying a ransom.

    That would be more fair to leave a review on that plugin, if that concerns you (though, personally I think he deserves the right to charge for his time and effort), as nothing in this theme itself requires payment to add. It is 100% free as-is.

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