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  • Hi Mark, the look of the new version is awesome, but unfortunately I have had to revert back to the old version because of missing features from your latest version. I am hoping you can attend to these missing features soon so that myself and many others can upgrade to the latest version:


    – Only 10 listings showing for each category – there appears to be no way to move to next page to view other listings. It would be best if all listings for each category display on one page as you had with the LDD Business Directory version;
    – Plugin does not appear to sync with Theme/colour scheme – My site them is Lorencia with orange and grey colour scheme, and the directory heading bar is set to light blue which just doesn’t work with the Lorencia colour theme – so you need the plugin to pick up the them/colour scheme, or have it so that the default cloud scheme can be modified if required.
    – Business owners need to have access to update their listing details.
    – Need to be able to adjust the default view of directory like you had for LDD Business Directory.

    The above are key issues I found with the new version. There may be more issues but as I have now had to revert to the old version, I won’t know until you release an update addressing these key issues.



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  • Mark


    I have opened issues on our tracker for items one and two on your list, you can see them here:

    Item 3 is an enhancement I am doing my best to get operational asap. There are some security vulnerabilities in the original plugin that I won’t describe here until I know it’s fallen out of general use; needless to say I can’t in good conscious adapt that system without fixing it.

    When you upgrade from one plugin to the new, it imports all your original user information as WordPress users in a Subscriber capacity. This will let the plugin use the built in user authentication, so we can piggy back security concerns on core. What is missing is the UI for people to manage their listings. I’m aiming for this to be done within the next couple of weeks. You’ll know it’s ready when the version bumps from 0.5.x to 0.6.x, so keep a deactivated copy of the plugin around as it will notify you on the Updates page.

    As for the default view, are you referring to seeing all listings on the front page of the plugin? There is “featured listing” functionality built in to the front page (simply tag listings with “featured” via the dashboard), and category views should have fully functional list/grid options as of now.

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