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    We wanted to make a podcasts page on our website using the “Buzzsprout Podcasting WordPress Plugin”, but it seems to only support one function: embed individual podcast episodes onto a page. As WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for displaying web content, the official Buzzsprout plugin should provide more codes so website owners have greater flexibility in displaying their Buzzsprout-powered podcasts on their websites. Codes like:

    latest-title (display title of latest episode)
    latest-description (display description of latest episode)
    latest-date (display date of latest episode)

    recent1-title (display title of first recent episode)
    recent1-description (display description of first recent episode)
    recent1-date (display date of first recent episode)

    recent2-title (display title of second recent episode)
    recent2-description (display description of second recent episode)
    recent2-date (display date of second recent episode)

    If these codes are available, then I greatly apologize. However, I didn’t see anything in the docs that showed the existence of anything in the way of a “latest-episode” code.

    Otherwise, with embed codes like the ones listed above, we could VERY EASILY create a “podcast page” on our website, make it look exactly how we want, ensure that the latest episode in our Buzzsprout account is always highlighted, and the content would populate itself thus never requiring the page to be updated.

    As a side note, I also wouldn’t mind seeing a pay-for version of the plugin that featured ready-made, professional, eye candy type of podcast layouts, such as the one this church is using:!podcasts/c14vj


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  • Plugin Author molehill


    Hey Chris,

    Thank you for your feedback and taking the time to write us. I’d be happy to help you with this.

    You are correct that we don’t have that functionality in our WordPress plugin; with the plug you are only able to embed the individual podcast episodes on to the page.

    However, you are still able to use all of our embed players. You’ll just have to use the complete embed script from your Buzzsprout account. That way you’d be able to make a lot more modifications to the player and the episodes it displayers. In fact, we’re getting ready to release a fully customizable player to all our Buzzsprout accounts. It should be out later this summer.

    If you like the player on the St. Peter’s Church site then you’ll love our new customizable player. They are using our beta player, which is really similar to what the final product will look like. The main difference is that the new player will have a lot more customization options.

    If you’d like to use the beta player now follow these directions on how to do it:

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. If you email me at we mostly reply within the hour.


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    Thank you for the information. The beta player looks like a very nice improvement and I look forward to all the customization options that will be available when it is released. Hopefully we will be able to upload secondary cover art, since the new player uses image dimensions that are different than the cover art for our Buzzsprout page. 🙂

    I do still think the “BuzzSprout Podcasting for WordPress” plug-in needs to be updated to allow the many WordPress users to easily place audio players and other podcasting content on their website without having to look up embed codes, just by filling out some fields and ticking a few boxes.

    Kind Regards,

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