• In version 2.4.3 of The Kadence Block plugin the Icon List up/down arrows have disappeared thereby making the re-ordering of list items impossible within the in the editing page. I reverted back to version 2.3 and found them to work. Not sure which version it began to no work. I’m guessing its the latest version..

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  • hannah


    Thanks for reaching out! I’ll check in with the dev team and see what input they have.
    Thanks for your patience!


    Since 2.4 the options to move have been put in the toolbar, this allows you to also indent items: https://share.getcloudapp.com/GGul7Jq6


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    Ben, Thanks for bringing that to my attention; the addition of the indention styling is nice, but.. the removal of the visible arrows may be creating more work and confusion for the movement of an individual item from the bottom to the top (or any incremental move beyond one position). I’ll explain.

    This new process adds many many more steps if one adds a new list item to (say a list of 50 items) and then wants to move that item originating at the bottom of that list all the way to the top position. Clicking the individual list item and then clicking the Move items tool then clicking Move up; only moves it up one space at a time. And then if one were to immediately click the Move items tool again followed by Move up; it actually then moves up a different individual list item. The user is unable to tell if the originally selected individual list item is still the chosen/highlighted list item which might get moved along the second/third/fourth time.

    Thanks for the Kadence family of themes/plugin/premium options. A happy repeating customer. -Nick Watts

    That’s fair, the plan is to add drag and drop to the items in the future, Perhaps if that update is more then a couple weeks away i’ll put back the top and bottom arrows.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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