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    Out of several solutions, after reading the reviews, I chose Optimole as the first one to try and I stuck with it. The site is much faster now, if you make changes, they have a clear cache button. One of the reasons for choosing Optimole was to use the optimal image size. It also supports images for Retina displays a lazy loading. It was just necessary to set the desired image size correctly in the template, which most templates, except mine, do automatically. My specific template also had a problem with the lazyload function, but this too can be set in the Optimole plugin. Just perfect and it’s great that for small projects this service is free. On webpagetest.org for my testing website norbou.com I have got 5xA plus CDN ok rating.

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  • Hi @norbou,

    Thank you for using Optimole and for leaving your review, we’re happy to hear that you found the plugin useful!

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