• I paid 150 dollars to be treated like crap by the customer support team behind feedzy. I’ve had nothing but problems with this app since I got it. First it was posting items in reverse order… I had to make a custom plugin to modify the plugin because it really didn’t do anything on its own. If you go through to edit any of your “Import posts” the dropboxes for the settings reset so you have to literally reset every setting to make ONE CHANGE you wanted to make. Try doing that 100 times and see how happy you are. If you want to import more than 60 feeds, this plugin is unable to consistently do so. I had to rewrite the professional extension so it would stop EDITING MY FEED URLS (yes, seriously) without asking me for permission. When I contacted customer service 2 separate times I was told it was a hardware issue and to contact my network administrator. I am the network administrator and this is not my first wordpress install. Like I said, I got most of my issues worked out by PROGRAMMING MY OWN VERSION of this plugin. If you can’t code (or don’t want to; lets be real I paid so I wouldn’t have to write a plugin) save yourself a million headaches and find an alternative. Since I bought this garbage I found free plugins that do the job better and more consistently. They refuse to respond to me anymore and frankly, I’m very angry. I will be pursuing this. I don’t enjoy being ignored and I deserve a refund or some form of reimbursement for the 2 weeks of hell I just went through because of you. Ignore me if you want. There’s always consequences to shady actions. I hope this keeps someone else from making the mistake I did.

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  • Plugin Support Stefan Cotitosu


    Hello @lestado,

    All feedbacks from our users are very valuable, as it helps us to continually improve our products and services.
    Thank you very much for taking the time to make this review and pointing us these aspects to us.

    It seems there are a few things that can be definitely improved on this plugin.
    Sharing your thoughts always helps us to better understand what are the biggest challenges of using it.

    Indeed, the import wizard can be adapted to save the previous settings when editing it. The imported posts are sorted by the date. This reversed order means that the most recent content available in the feed will be listed first.
    We are not very sure what you meant by “editing my feed without my permission”, the plugin offers the possibility to structure the imported posts as you wish by placing the tags(title, content, featured image) within the import wizard in the desired order.

    As for contacting the network administrator because of a hardware issue, might be a misunderstanding. In the first screenshot that you’ve sent to us, there is a warning regarding Cron being disabled on your WordPress instance. The key elements for “feed to post” feature of Feedzy are a valid feed URL, Cron to work properly and the possibility to import posts. As per our e-mail that we sent you yesterday, as a reply to your request, we did advise you to contact your hosting provider because Cron is a server related setting which most users don’t want to edit/configure, as this seems to be out of their comfort area. We didn’t know that you are able to check it yourself.

    In the last response to your second support ticket, we asked for more information in order to be able to investigate the problem. If by any chance you didn’t receive it we can forward it again to you.

    Regarding the refund, our policy states for 30 days money back so you are eligible for this request.
    All you have to do is to submit a refund request on our website.

    One more time, thank you for your feedback and feel free to contact us if you need further assistance on the plugin.

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