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  • We are using the latest version with pro-plugin – and we have a lot of performance problems because the developer-website is down?! Our admin menu is very very slow… I think the plugin wants to check the pro-version and can´t connect to them. So all is slowing down. Disable the pro-plugin helps.

    Whats wrong at the moment? End of support or “only” technical issues/problems?

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  • If you go into the main php file for the plugin and comment out the line 143.

    It will disable the updater, and should make it work normally again.

    had to do this for mine, the code to retrieve the update kept crashing my backend as well.

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    That helps! Thank you!

    But whats going wrong here? Is this the end of the plugin?

    Hey i can’t find the file, could someone telling me what is the path of the file?
    /home/xyz/xyz/wp-content/plugins/file-manager/file-manager.php <<<– this ?


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    No. This one: …/xyz/wp-content/plugins/file-manager-permission-system/file-manager-permission-system.php

    The changes are only needed in pro-version.

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    The usual reason for WordPress admin panel slowness is broken DNS.

    Most Distros now use systemd, which in turn uses systemd-resolved, which is badly broken. Meaning this code fails to correctly cache DNS lookups.

    The result… Each admin page visit requires looking up all remote links, like external site API calls. Since DNS caching is broken + calls to down sites have a timeout of many seconds or minutes… admin pages slow to a crawl.

    The fix I use for all my hosting clients is strip systemd-resolved out of all LXD containers (use to host client sites + APIs) + replace with dnsmasq.

    Using dnsmasq tends to fix many slow admin page problems.

    Unfortunately most hosting companies are clueless/useless, so if you admin your own servers, strip out systemd-resolved. If not, it’s unlikely you’ll find a hosting company able or willing to do this.

    You can tell if this is your problem by installing the Query Monitor plugin + then run with SAVEQUERIES enabled in wp-config.php + look for changes to red (slow) in the Query Monitor status bar.

    When the bar turns red + clicking on it shows many HTTP requests in red, then it’s very likely you’re getting hit by the systemd-resolved broken code problem.

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