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  • I can’t recommend this Plug In. I try the free version, and I upgraded to Familiar. It seems all ok BUT 100 GB was consumed in 1 streaming, only for 2.5 hours, in 720p, 1.5 mbps, H264, 50 people. I do not understand how 100 GB could be spent on 1 Streaming HD. That’s is my complain, I cancelled the PlugIn suscription which really disappointed me. I prefer the next time, to use -embed- live from YouTube, it is free, and also it does not fall or cut down my transmission (streaming) in a half, nor does it make me look so bad with clients.

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  • Someone didn’t do their data calculations!

    You say yourself you’re broadcasting at 1.5MB per second! Sooo

    1.5mb * 60 seconds * 150 minutes * 50 people / 1024 = 659 GB

    Their pricing is very comparable to other professional streaming platforms in terms of pure data.

    And Youtube while free is not professional and cannot be used for paid end product usages – as well as being prone to takedown for any music / copyright issues.

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    Thank you Mr. Robo98 for your important mathematical contribution But I don't get the same result in your own words the Streaming should have been cut off at 11 minutes. 
    we actually did the research, and even then, it doesn't matter how they were spent ¿659 GB?.
    Either there are unlimited viewers, or there are not.
    The problem shouldn't be from us the "stupid clients who don't know math." The issue is the misconception that is generated in the advertising claiming that: ( unlimited viewers, and as they explain 100 gb it could last up to 1 month)
    In this case, thank you for agreeing with me.
    You know what, actually you have the conceptual problem (and take this as a suggestion). You guys say Plans are “Unlimited number of viewers” but then you add a term that really confuses everybody: the viewer hour.
    IF you are open to suggestions, this is one of those. Do not put unlimited, or change the term viewer-hour. Its so confused and might be interpreted as a Misleading Advertising
    No, you can’t just say to me:
    read well, stupid customer.
    If you already have my CC data, notify me before (not 3 minutes before that you have 99.3%) Or, let it be consumed and then you charge. Check that out. I would like my money back, since my client is lost. At least I don’t want to find out that I have charged for another month since I already canceled my subscription in WP panel.
    As you said in the link above:

    “I am a Pastor at a Church and I plan to live-stream Sunday Mass 4 times a month to 50 people. Each Sunday, there will be a one hour service”
    50 Viewers x 1 hour x 4 weeks = 200 Viewer Hours
    *Calculated in HQ- will be consuming 54 GB of Streaming Bandwidth`]

    In that way, as I (and my team Understand) 50 Viewers= 4 hours= 54GB
    So, 100 GB achieve 8 hours for 50 Viewers. As I mentioned before, there are some concepts that you have to correct, first one Unlimited Viewers (There is no Unlimited Viewers since you charge bandwidht for each View). And Second, there is no way 100 GB could spent in 2.5 hours SD for even 50 people.
    Now, with that answer disappointment is worst.

    You’ve made the mistake of thinking I am connected to WPStream.

    I’m just an end user who came here to leave a positive review – and in a sea of very good 4 and 5 star reviews I saw yours, and thought I would check it out.

    I’m sure the people at WPStream would be much more sympathetic and professional toward you.

    I don’t have to do that – and to be honest you do need to research more. Nearly all Streaming platforms charge data per kb/mb/gb – and most want to tie you into a 12 month contract!

    If you want truly unlimited? There’s only one company I know of doing that, Vimeo Premium… another sum for you $75 dollars a month paid a year in advance = $900 up front (plus maybe sales tax)

    Oh and I’ve just seen the other part of your message with your calculations.

    HQ as defined on the WPstream website is 1200kbps (kilobits per second)

    = 0.15 MBps (megabytes per second)

    So you were broadcasting at 10* higher data rate which is where your calculations have gone adrift.

    Computer data rates are complicated (too many terms kbit, mbit, kbytes, mbytes)

    Helps to use something like this:

    I wish you well.

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