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  • Hi Maximmmus,
    I don’t understand what you mean by ” to place feeds in category”.
    For your second question, yes, you can easily combine multiple feeds. Please read the full documentation.

    The url of the RSS feed to display. You may use multiple feeds URL separated by commas. The items are displayed in chronological order even if there are several feeds. You might not see the elements of a single stream if the others are older.


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    Hi there,
    This is a very quick support:)

    What I meant about the placing feeds into category is:
    if I have a set of ‘n’ feeds with the same subject let’s say ‘news’ would be great if it is possible to place them into a category named ‘news’. In this way would be also quicker to create a shorter shortcode by listing all feeds from this category, instead of adding all ‘n’ feeds manually to the shortcode. It also helps to create top clicked titles from certain category.

    I tried to install the plugin but it hangs here:
    Downloading install package from…

    Do you know what is wrong? I have latest wp.


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    second question about install is resolved. thanks

    Hi maximmmus,
    I think i understand what you want to do.
    I suggest you to create a new shortcode, let’s say [feedzy-news], which will handle the default feedzy shortcode with the list of your n feeds in it.

    function bweb_feedzy_news( $atts, $content = null )
    		return do_shortcode( '[feedzy-rss feeds="YOUR-FEED-1,YOUR-FEED-2,YOUR-FEED-3" max="5" feed_title="no" target="_blank" meta="yes" summary="yes" summarylength="250" thumb="yes" size="100"]' );
    add_shortcode('feedzy-news', 'bweb_feedzy_news');

    And you can call it with your new shortcode [feedzy-news]

    EDIT: Sorry but I didn’t tried it…

    Does that code list by category, not by manually entering individual feed URLS? I don’t know coding – so I cannot tell.

    I would think it takes more than a short code? I think what maximmmus (and I) are (desperately) looking for is EXACTLY the way Links work in WP right now. Collect a list of RSS URLs, put them into categories – Then you can display groups of RSS feeds with shortcode by category.
    – I have 50 RSS feeds that go grouped by category into different pages/sections.

    Do this: [short-code-whatever rss-feed=category1]
    Not this: [short-code-whatever rss-feed=url1, url2, url3, url4]

    – the code for this exists, but the dev has stopped supporting the plugin recently. Pulled the plugin from the WP Plugin Catalog. There are thousands of us with no alternative. The plugin is starting not to work correctly now. (I’m hanging onto the plugin and code for myself only – as if I could ever use it.)

    Just information.

    I dig your plugin. Thanks for your work.

    Hi guys,
    I would do something like this :
    – add a custom taxonomy field in your categories. By this way you can edit the list (eg: comma separated) of feed urls from within your admin area.
    – create a custom shortcode based on Feedzy with a condition which check if we are in an archive category page (if not, we do nothing)
    – retrieve the custom taxonomy field of the current category
    – insert the list of feeds in your custom shortcode
    – insert the new shortcode in a text widget in the category sidebar to display the feeds you want
    Hope I’m clear.

    I’ll try it! Thank you @brice. If I get confused – I’ll surely let you know. Looks clear. I super appreciate the step by step from the beginning of the process. I’ve not created taxonomies, etc. before.

    This looks a little tricky – I think it will be clearer once I try to do it:
    – create a custom shortcode based on Feedzy with a condition which check if we are in an archive category page (if not, we do nothing)

    I am using the feeds in pages. Not widgets. Will the shortcode still work in a page body?

    And I have 80 of them. So getting them into categories is absolutely useful for me. Very excited!

    Your layouts are great. The best I’ve tried recently. It will be great to use them for all of my feeds instead of the handful I set aside.

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