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    There in a bug in CartFlows if express checkout is enabled in Stripe. If its turned off or if the web is open in incognito mode (with no express options) the checkout layout works ok. If its turned on, this happens:

    Dropbox with images and videos in the comments below

    (See image 1 in Dropbox)

    1 – The express option is not shown. Its like it tries to (se the “-or-“ before Customer information) but nothing shows.

    2 – There’s no order details on the right side, they are below everything else as seen in this other photo:

    (see image 2 in Dropbox)

    If I disable the express checkout, everything works:

    (see image 3 in Dropbox)

    If you zoom in a lot you can see the minuscule button:

    (see image 4 in Dropbox)

    This only happens in desktop mode, in tablet or mobile the express option is correctly shown, as you can see the videos:

    I thought everything was caused because of plugins. It happened with Divi, then I tried Elementor, then I changed the theme, then I did a clean install…. everything presented that bug. Until I tried with a completely new fresh install no plugins or themes, (like the one linked), and it still happened. That’s when I realized the it wasn’t Divi, Elementor or any plugin, it was an universal bug only if express checkout was on.


It happens either in Chrome or Safari, Im using a MacbookPro 16, brand new. Everything up to date. Clean WordPress installation, SiteGround hosting, no plugins, no nothing. As trouble free as it gets. It is something related to the express checkout code, im sure! 

You can try it on the website linked, brand new. Just add the product, go to the cart, go to checkout and test if GPay ApplePay and the layout are OK in desktop.

    By the way, I’ve tried contacting you via support. The system doesn’t work, neither free support nor presale. The web keeps loading and thinking, not sending the message.

    If you can’t solve this problem in this forum please provide me with an email or a support channel that works.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    All the Media:

    The test website (you need to add the product and go to checkout):

    Plugin Support Mahdi


    Hello Charlie,

    Thank you for choosing our product.

    Yes, we’ve seen that case earlier.

    The issue is actually coming from the payment gateway plugin itself.

    Can you please once check with the payment gateway provider?

    Hope this helps.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Thread Starter charlielorente


    The gateway is the standard Stripe gateway, the main one recomended by default by WordPress. Everything works OK with other similar checkout plugins (as expected, being the oficial one and everything up to date and clean install) but cartflows breaks if express checkout is enabled. The idea is to have Apple/Google Pay, not using express checkout is not an option1

    As I said on the first post, everything is a fresh install: three new accounts tested, two different hosting providers, 3 different browsers, multiple themes (Astra, Elementor Hello, TwentyTwentyTwo) and standard clean builder/Divi/Elementor. No matter what, the issue in the images always appears.

    Having tried a fresh WP install, fresh woocommerce plugin, default theme, fresh Stripe, and fresh cartflows, only one simple test product on a completetly new empty web I dont know what else to try, honestly.

    Plugin Support CartFlows Team


    Hello @charlielorente

    Thank you for sharing more information on it.

    I have seen this same case elsewhere too. The case was, that the width of the parent element of the Stripe’s express checkout buttons is very less as compared to the current page.

    Thus stripe takes this width and applied it as it is to their express buttons and that is why the button won’t show.

    If you inspect that button then you will get that there will be a 1px width inline CSS applied to the buttons from the Stripe and this causes the issue.

    Anyways, can you please open a technical ticket from our website so that one of our developers will help you clear out this issue?

    I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Plugin Support CartFlows Team


    Hello @charlielorente

    We haven’t heard back from you in a while so I am marking this thread as resolved.

    In case you have more questions or still facing the same then feel free to open a new support thread.

    Have a good day and stay safe.

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