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  • Hello,

    When I try to change different slideshow and save, I got this warning.

    Cannot read property ‘folder’ of undefined

    And the selected slideshow doesn’t work.

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  • Hi,

    We didn’t receive a similar complaint recently. So, it seems that this is an issue with your installation.

    To figure out the issue cause, please try the following:
    – Check if the issue exists when only MetaSlider and the Twenty Twenty One theme are active.
    – Make sure that the wp-content directory has the right permissions, you can check this with your hosting provider.
    – Delete MetaSlider and install it again, possible something went wrong while installing it.

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    hi, thanks for reply.

    1. done. still have issue
    2. done. no problem.
    3. deleted and installed. still exist.

    here is ss.

    Please open the browser console, replicate the issue, and share any Javascript errors there with me.

    This article will guide you on how to open the browser console:

    Thread Starter roadlink


    Is it OK?

    app.min.js?ver=3.20.3:2 MetaSlider (vue/v-on handler-error): TypeError: Cannot read property 'folder' of undefined
        at setTheme (app.min.js?ver=3.20.3:2)
        at click (app.min.js?ver=3.20.3:2)
        at Ut (app.min.js?ver=3.20.3:2)
        at HTMLButtonElement.n (app.min.js?ver=3.20.3:2)
        at HTMLButtonElement.Yr.i._wrapper (app.min.js?ver=3.20.3:2)

    @roadlink I’ve asked for the plugin developer consultation. I will reply to you as soon as possible.

    Until the developer replies, please test the issue again after clearing the browser cache.

    Plugin Contributor kbatdorf


    Looks like something with the theme code. Try adding/removing the theme (right side above Advanced Settings). Also try deleting then reinstalling MetaSlider (you won’t lose anything) in case the theme folder’s somehow disappeared.

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    I have added themes many times, issue happens there 🙂
    I deleted and added back, nothing changed.

    Does the issue happen without assigning a theme?

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    It is happening just after select the theme, as a result I can’t change the theme


    Can you please export your slider from MetaSlider > Export, upload the archive to an uploading platform, and share the download link with me?

    I will use this archive to reproduce your issue on my local installation.


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    sure here it is.

    @roadlink Thank you very much for providing this file. I’m able to reproduce the issue on my local installation.

    I’ve checked the slider and found that the slider settings object is corrupted. Possible, something went wrong while you were editing it previously.

    Of course, this issue should be reported to the development team but this is an extreme and an exceptional case that wouldn’t happen.

    Can you please check if this issue happens with other slideshows or with new slideshows?
    If this issue doesn’t happen with new slideshows, I’m kindly asking you to create a new slideshow and use it instead of the slideshow that has this problem.

    If this doesn’t work for you, I will report this issue to the development team to fix the issue for.

    The reason why I don’t prefer to report the issue directly to the development team is that the issue is an exceptional case and it will take some time to provide you a fix or a workaround. But if this doesn’t work for you, I will be happy also to report it to the development team.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Thread Starter roadlink


    I just created new slideshow and issue is still there.

    thank you

    Hi @roadlink ,

    I’ve reported the issue to the development team so that they check it.

    Please wait and I will post here once I get any updates.


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