Support » Fixing WordPress » Applying ‘section’ to group block doubles the inner container of child groups

  • yesbut


    Hi, I’ve been trying to lay out a block pattern, setting a parent group as a section. The section itself should contain a group and a cover block. The visual (block) editor, list view and the code editor all indicate it functions correctly but the output code nests wp-block-group__inner-container on the first child group, which then swallows the cover block.

    In the list editor I get the correct expected output
    > Group – set in Advanced HTML tab to ‘section’
    >> Group
    >>> Image
    >> Cover
    >>> Heading

    In the output HTML the cover is nested
    > section.wp-block-group
    >> div.wp-block-group
    >>> div.wp-block-group__inner-container
    >>>> div.wp-block-group__inner-container
    >>>>> div.wp-block-cover

    I don’t have the skills to work out exactly what’s up, but I guess the inner-container nesting has been triggered off the div .wp-block-group so applying any semantic html to the group block throws the layout.

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