Comments RSS feed and more password protection

Posted September 28, 2003 by Alex King. Filed under Development.

I added password protection to the RSS 2.0 feed for comments and checked it in. You can subscribe to the feed directly (http://www.example.com/wp-commentsrss2.php) to get the latest comments, or pass in the post ID and subscribe to comments for that particular post (http://www.example.com/wp-commentsrss2.php?p=1234).

I also added password protection to the pop-up comments page (b2commentspopup.php). If you see anywhere that does not use the password protection let us know about it.

List View of Comments

Posted September 25, 2003 by Alex King. Filed under Development.

I’ve checked in some changes to the Admin screens that give you a historical view of comments. This gives you quick access to recent comments on your site which is pretty handy if you need to modify or delete a comment on an older post (you don’t have to navigate to the post first anymore).

Hacks Section

Posted September 15, 2003 by Alex King. Filed under Meta.

I’ve started working on an implementation of WordPress that will be used to drive the Hacks Section of this site. Check out this thread in the forum for a discussion of potential categories.

The Hacks Section will include tested hacks that follow the Hack Guidelines. I believe this will become a great resource for the WordPress community and encourage the development of more WordPress hacks and add-ons.

Drink the Kool-aid

Posted September 3, 2003 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Meta.

The entire site and much of the forum should now be XHTML 1.1, completely valid and tested. I’ve submitted the site to the X-Philes. The forums still need some work. Cursed invalid embedded markup!

Point 72 Beta 2 Available

Posted September 1, 2003 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Development, Releases.

Beta 2 is now available. This contains numerous bugfixes, including one to the dreaded convert_char problem. Unless any outstanding bugs are found, this is going to be the official release version. So test it out well.

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